Welcome to ReBiT, the database of enzyme-catalyzed transformations.  ReBiT allows you to query enzyme-catalyzed reactions by the molecular structures that they generate or consume. 

Browse Functional Groups, Browse Names, Query Structure, or Query SMILES. Please see the Help page for a more detailed description of each of these search strategies.

After querying ReBiT by structure or SMILES, a list of matching structures will be displayed.  Select the structure of interest and press the “Find Enzymes” button on the menu.  A table of all enzyme-catalyzed reactions involving the selected structure will be shown, along with 3-digit E.C. numbers corresponding to each of the reactions.  In parenthesis below each 3-digit E.C. group is the total number of enzymes in that 3-digit group.  This number serves as an initial assessment of substrate diversity, an important metric for choosing enzymes for new pathways.  Additionally for each enzyme group, graphical representations of all ReBiT structures involved in the canonical reaction are shown as well as any co-factors or co-substrates involved.  Comments (typically suggestions as to what specific 4-digit E.C. numbers catalyze each reaction) are also displayed for each reaction.  Selecting a particular E.C. number directs the user to an ExPASy database page listing all enzymes in the enzyme class selected.  Clicking on a specific enzyme from this list redirects the user to a webpage containing additional information about the selected enzyme class can be found.  Links to other enzyme databases (BRENDA, MetaCyc, KEGG, etc.) may also be found here.

NOTE:  The final results table will appear in a new, “pop-up” window.  You must allow pop-ups from this site in order to view these results.